How We Made It – a bespoke design

Jane and Tom love cycling and the Yorkshire Dales. We were delighted to be asked to design a bespoke wedding invitation and hand-drawn map for them for their celebration in May this year (2019).

Initial Thoughts

Jane contacted Goldfinch Design via email with a request for a bespoke design. She wanted something which would celebrate Jane and Tom’s mutual love of the dales and bikes. Jane and I met up for a coffee, so I could show her examples of our work and we could discuss their wedding plans as well as their ideas for wedding invitations.

Researching & Sketching

Following our meeting, I researched the ideas and imagery Jane and I had talked about. Bespoke invitations always start with sketches, very rough pencil sketches. I’m always slightly embarassed to send them out to clients, however they’re an important part of the design process. Most importantly, these rough ideas often lead to useful feedback from clients. Therefore I sent some initial drawings to Jane and she responded with the things she liked and also the things she didn’t like.

Final Production

Finally, I redrew the design details using pigment liner pens. As I drew, the design developed and changed. It featured their wedding venue, The Orangery at Settrington, as well as hints of the Yorkshire dales, their dog and a nod to their love of cycling. In addition, I drew a bespoke map for the back of the invitation, so guests could easily find the venue. Consequently, a number of drafts of the design went back and forth until the invitation design was approved by Jane and Tom.

The final wedding invitation design was printed on a bright white heavy-weight board and looked rather fantastic.

You can read all about Jane and Tom’s wedding day on the Hitched website, just click here to see the details of their big day.

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