Planning your wedding stationery can be enormous fun. There are norms and traditions of course, and whether you choose to follow or to break from tradition is completely up to you. Whites, creams, ivories are the traditional card and paper colour choices and beautiful choices they do make. However, should you wish to break from tradition, the use of colour papers and cards can open up endless design possibilities. Whether your style is delicate pastels, bright and bold, contrasting or complimentary colours, monochrome or rainbow variations, we would be delighted to work with you to develop a suite of stationery perfectly matched to you and your celebration.

Here are three ways to incorpate colour in your wedding stationery:

1. Colour + Colour + Colour
Use a range of colours across your wedding stationery, for example one for your invitation cards, one for your information cards and another for your envelopes. Keep the design relatively simple and let the colours do the talking.

Our favourite combinations include:
grey + white + navy / pale pink + pale yellow + mint green / navy + bright pink + emerald green /

2. Ink + Envelopes
Have your invitations printed in a bold colour such as bright pink on a white card and match the envelopes to the ink colour

3. Duoplan Card
Duoplan card is a special type of card which is made with one colour to the front and another to the back and gives stationery a very luxurious feel. Any colours can be combined. For example pair navy and sky blue together with navy ink and sky blue envelopes or add yellow and blue together for a bright and sunny set of stationery, with yellow envelopes.